300zx Reveal Trailer

Concept / Direction / CG / Render

We created this fictional teaser to promote the release of the 1984 Nissan 300zx, 2020 style. Dubbed the 'Fairlady' in the Japanese market, the grand unveiling of this artfully crafted piece of machinery parallels the launch of CITADEL, a new collective representing the work of Lawrence Benjamin & Christian Mikhael.
Research & Development
If the sports car is the lead, then the cloth is the supporting actor. We knew a physical simulation would give us the most bang for our buck, but even those come with a cost. The geometry of the car was simply far too complicated to process a cloth sim over in a realistic amount of time. To overcome this, we created a shell using the hi-poly model as a base, and used that as the surface to run the simulation over.
Once we had a baked cloth sim, it was simply a matter of replacing the shell with our final model, adding the environment, and moving the camera around to find interesting angles.
Look Dev
We made the decision early on that we wanted this trailer to be very cinematic, moody, and shrouded in mystery. An empty warehouse gave us exactly the type of feel we were going for. The seamless pipeline through Cinema 4D, Octane, and After Effects gave us the power to produce photorealistic renders and the control to dial in post-processing effects.
Final Stills
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